394. Having your cake


Frequente in politica ma anche in dibattiti vertenti sui diritti degli individui non umani. Volgarmente detta “sedersi su tutte le sedie disponibili” .

Having Your Cake (also known as: failure to assert, diminished claim, failure to choose sides) Description: Making an argument, or responding to one, in such a way that it does not make it at all clear what your position is. This puts you in a position to back out of your claim at any time and go in a new direction without penalty, claiming that you were “right” all along.

Logical Form: I believe X is a strong argument. Y is also a very strong argument.

Example #1: Reporter: Mr. Congressman, where do you stand on the clean water vs. new factory issue?
Congressman: Of course, I want our state to have the cleanest water possible. I can appreciate the petition against the new factory as I can also appreciate the new jobs introduced in our community as a result of the new factory. Explanation: This type of “non-decision” or refusal to choose a side often eludes those looking for an answer but getting more of a non-answer in return. In our example, the congressman can later choose a side based on the outcome, looking like the guy who knew the right answer all along.

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